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As criticism of Brussels decision to add Genocide negationist to parliamentary committee mounts, Jambo asbl issues threats to Rwandan community

By Joan Karera

The allies of Uwase (pictured) a Brussels-based genocide denier have taken to threatening Rwandans that criticize her inclusion in a Belgian Government commission

A Brussels-based organisation composed of offspring of the some of the principle suspects of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi is trying new tactics of intimidation, with intention, according to Diaspora observers, to silence criticism of the decision to put a well-known denier of the Genocide on a Belgian “special parliamentary commission to probe the European nation’s colonial past.”

Earlier this week, on Monday, Jambo asbl – a group that came into being as an association of Europe based sons and daughters of major Rwandan genocidaires, and which has become infamous for denying, trivializing or revising the Genocide – issued what it called “a notice” to the Rwandan Community (people not affiliated to genocidaires or criminal groups) in Belgium. Jambo’s notice amounted to threats to the Rwandan Community “to rectify” a joint press communiqué it had released (jointly) with an association, Ibuka Memoire et Justice-Belgium.

Jambo then went ahead to issue an ultimatum that “the rectification should take place not later than three working days.”

The Rwandan Community in Belgium (many of whom either were victims of the Genocide, or that fled there as refugees) as well as Ibuka Memoire wrote their communiqué last Friday, 7 August vehemently opposing the nomination of Laure Uwase in a 10-person team expected to work on Belgium’s colonial past.

Uwase, a former secretary general of Jambo asbl and editor-in-chief at Jambo news, is a daughter to Anastase Nkundakozera who was convicted of crimes of genocide by a Gacaca court, and Agnes Mukarugomwa, a virulent and active genocide denier with her own online radio and YouTube channel, ‘Ikondera’.

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According to the revelations against Uwase, six years ago, on July 11, 2014 – as part of a “Jambo News-net” team – they were guests of FDLR, the terrorist offshoot of Interahamwe and x-FAR – in its bases in the jungles of eastern Congo. Through Jambo news net, a platform known to spread negationist propaganda, Uwase has interviewed different known genocidaires, and other anti-Rwanda groups like Victoire Ingabire’s FDU-Inkingi as well as Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC. She has also been part of organizers of genocide denialist conferences with the aim to sabotage commemoration of 94 Genocide Against the Tutsi while promoting the double genocide theory.

“How can someone that is part of such an organization that has acted as a propagandist group for genocidaires, terrorists and perpetrators of genocide be included in a committee to examine the Belgian colonial past?” members of the Rwandan Community in Belgium asked.

“The Rwandan Community’s communiqué strikes fear in the heart of Jambo asbl because it is yet another document that could lead to closer examination of what exactly the group is about,” a Diaspora source told this website. “They have been deceiving Belgian society that they are ‘an activist group’ for ‘democracy’ or human rights’, and fear further exposure.”

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Uwase herself being a prominent member of Jambo asbl, “one can also see that the threats of Jambo asbl also are an attempt to protect her,” our source added.

The Jambo asbl “notice” reads in part: “We give you notice to rectify your comments to public, within three days of receipt of this document, by publishing a new press release under the same conditions as your previous communiqué…”

Maybe these people imagine they can rule in Belgium the way their parents ruled in Rwanda, with their “power” ultimatums,” a social media commentator said, asking: “otherwise how can such utterances be explained?”

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