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Arinaitwe, CMI-SoftPower’s correspondent from Butabika

The Uganda based propaganda website SoftPower this week published a story about an intelligence agent who fled the country fearing for his life.

After fleeing the country Furaha Arinaitwe wrote a letter to president Museveni in which he claimed that he was on the run because Rwandan agents wanted to kill him. Arinaitwe, an intelligence officer attached to CMI, was apparently approached in 2009 to carryout operations on behalf of Rwanda and has been on its payroll ever since that time.

At some point, the Rwandans (apparently president Kagame himself) assigned him to kill President Museveni. Arinaitwe refused this task out of patriotism or what he calls his allegiance to his country’s motto. And this refusals is the reason he is now on the run because he no longer feels safe in Uganda.

The letter is as sensational as can be and only a propaganda or tabloid paper could have published it. It’s no wonder that none of the respected papers in Kampala broke the “scandal.” Instead, they left it upon SoftPower to descend into the gutter and comedy where it holds unrivalled experience within Uganda’s media.

Just a few lines of the SoftPower story and Arinaitwe’s letter points to a perfect paring, if one is to go by the absurdity that veers on derangement.

First of all, the sensationalism in Arinaitwe’s letter shows that it is addressed to the media despite his claim that its intended recipient was the President. If indeed Museveni was the intended audience, then the content betrays Arinaitwe’s claim to being anintelligence “expert.”

Arinaitwe makes a number of ridiculous claims that anyone with basic sense even outside the field of intelligence would find farfetched and difficult to believe. Imagine his claim that President Kagame personally called him and offered him $100.000 to kill President Museveni.

Arinaitwe now claims to be on the run because he refused to execute this assignment. Most importantly, Arinaitwe claims in the letter that he tipped off Museveni about this plot to assassinate him.

Yet, this is the same man who has failed to get an audience with Museveni and resorted to writing him a letter from wherever he is now seeking refuge.

Imagine it were true that Arinaitwe gave Museveni this tipoff. Imagine also that Museveni did the due diligence and indeed found that Arinaitwe was right Kigalli had given him the assassination task.

Furaha Arinaitwe.

Would it be likely that Museveni would deny audience to Arinaitwe in the future? What if he was in possession of more life-saving information to pass on to Museveni and here he was refusing him audience?

What this tells us about Arinaitwe is that he is a deranged man who gave Museveni wrong intel in order to win his favour. It also tells us that this is a justification for Softpower and its sponsors (CMI) to justify what they started and have been involved in all this time.

All this can be found in Arinaitwe’s letter. He talks about spying for Rwanda and then claim that the only reason he refused to kill Museveni is because his loyalty to the Motto of serving the country. Yet, the country he refers to is the same country he claims to have spied against for almost ten years.

Only a mad man can claim loyalty and patriotism in such circumstances. Also, only a paper suffocating on propaganda would publish such display of utter madness.

Further down it reads like bad fiction. Arinaitwe makes the preposterous claim that when he refused to assassinate Museveni the mission was given to Kale Kayihura, who accepted it.

It gets more twisted. A plot is thrown in for good measure about how a ‘desperate’ Rwandan leadership was on the line with Arinaitwe trying to get Kale Kayihura’s phone number. What an expert this Arinaitwe is. Yet, we are supposed to believe that this is the man who would be identified as suitable for a task as serious as carrying out an assassination of a president.

The only people all this seems to make perfect sense for are our friends at SoftPower Inc. Of course and Arinaitwe at his hideout in Butabika.

However, here are a few facts we know about the infamous Issa Furaha Arinaitwe;

1.     SGT Issa Arinaitwe  is a CMI staff who has been operating in Kampala. He is a known conman in Kampala who has been working with organised criminal syndicates involved in fake deals of gold and ivory.

2.     The most known cases where he was involved include the case of ivory in 2015, where the incident involved a Chinese national Mr Yuu.

3.     The most recent case include the case of a fake gold deal where Issa facilitated a businessman Suleiman Mbuga in defrauding a 70 year old Swedish politician Sten Heinson about 23 billion Ugandan (Shillings.  http://matookerepublic.com/2018/01/03/mbugas-wife-accused-of-conning-shs23-billion-from-elderly-swedish-man/)

Viola! That’s your Conman Issa Furaha Arinaitwe, a typical pot-bellied conman masquerading as intelligence operative!

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