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Another Rwandan brutally murdered, in Ugandan capital Kampala

By Patience Kirabo

Members of Uganda’s security forces in action. The unexplained violent deaths of Rwandans in Uganda may be traced to such individuals.

In a barbaric manner, Rwandan national Bahati Ntwali has been strangled and burnt to death by assailants that callously left him in his home in Kampala. This occurred in the night of Saturday 28th, 2021, yet another incident that fits in the pattern of Ugandan state-orchestrated violence against innocent Rwandan nationals.

The murderers of Ntwali strangled him, robbed him of money and everything in the house, and thereafter set him ablaze. This also fits a pattern whereby Ugandan security operatives have been robbing targeted Rwandan nationals. In most cases they have been torturing them in dungeons, on false accusations of spying. However they are increasingly killing Rwandans.

Before meeting his brutal end, Ntwali had been living in Uganda for more than four years, working as a successful mechanic with a garage in Kampala. His corpse was found in his burnt-down house by a friend who had come to pick him to go together to work. The friend immediately reported the crime to the police, who only reluctantly appeared at the scene.

Sources report that according to a lead given to the police, they were able to get one of the suspects who however escaped from the security men. “This obviously is a false story; how can a murderer just escape, so conveniently like that?” said a source familiar with the issue when they talked to this website.

According to the deceased’s sister who identified the body in Kampala, investigations into the matter are ongoing. The disconsolate lady did not sound convinced however that there was any real investigation going on. 

No authorities in Kigali have received any official communication from their Ugandan counterparts on the issue.

Murders of Rwandan nationals have become prevalent in Uganda, but not a single suspect has been brought forward despite claims of “ongoing investigations” that always accompany such crimes. It has long become ordinary that Rwandans are victimized in Uganda, and brutally tortured or killed, no matter how unconnected they are to any matters to do with the Kampala regime’s hostility against Rwanda. Most are lucky to not die. Nothing is ever done to solve any crime against a Rwandan national in Uganda.

“This just shows that the organs supposed to solve crimes; the security organs of Uganda are the ones targeting Rwandans,” a Kigali official said on request of anonymity. Others have been all along showing that the impunity which the murderers enjoy is possible because of the environment of hostility against Rwanda, and Rwandans by the Kampala regime,

Ntwali is just another Rwandan that has been set ablaze by Ugandan assailants.

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