Home Politics Another failed deserter, France-based Munyandinda hurls slanders against Rwanda

Another failed deserter, France-based Munyandinda hurls slanders against Rwanda

By Joan Karera

Deserter pushes long-debunked fiction that RPF “killed Habyarimana”. Forensics experts have shown his plane (wreckage pictured above) was brought down in an area completely controlled by ex-FAR

On 20 this month James Munyandinda, alias Munyeragwe, a former soldier of the RDF that deserted in 2008 appeared in an interview claiming to be talking about the current life of former RPA soldiers and “the life they were living during the liberation struggle.” He was speaking on an online outlet for anti-Rwanda propaganda, Radio Iteme which is run by Jean Paul Turayishimiye a former escort of Kayumba Nyamwasa – turned  RNC official who has since formed a breakaway faction.

In the interview Munyandinda madeincendiary claims such as that: during the liberation struggle the RPA army was “discriminatory and murderous”. Knowledgeably people and several former fighters point out that such negative remarks are characteristic of deserters and failures who cannot abide by the high disciplinary code of RDF, so when they flee they mudsling with such allegations.”

“Munyandinda of course is talking to Radio Iteme; what can one expect from the elements that run it other than smears against the Kigali administration?” a security analyst wondered. “These people are always looking for money or relevance in the West through such smears!”

Munyandinda went ahead to make claims that young soldiers that went to join the RPA were “hacked” by “the top commanders thought and that after the liberation struggle, those young soldiers would lead the country as they were more educated.”

Our source pointed out that such wild claims have been made by every failed, indisciplined fellow that runs away. “You can look at all of them, beginning with Jean Paul, his former boss Nyamwasa, the likes of Abdul Ruzibiza who collaborated with French ‘magistrate’ Jean Louis Bruguiere to falsely accuse the Rwandan leadership of ‘shooting Habyarimana!’ In the end they all are proved to be liars and failures,” our source remarked.

“After following the interview everyone can immediately understandMunyandinda’s main goals: he only wants to tarnish the image of Rwanda’s leadership for whatever small gain he may get.”

In the aftermath of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi, as a way for certain elements in France’s foreign policy tried to camouflage their role in the genocide, they started “probes” ostensiblyaimed at finding out who shot down Habyarimana’s plane. The probe has been re-opened many times with claims that there were “new witnesses in the matter”, and not surprisingly Munyandinda was one such fake witness.

He appeared in March 2017 at the Saint-Éloi Gallery in a Paris courthouse,claiming to have “new evidence about the case”. That “probe” ultimately failed as others before it whose only aim was to frame the Rwandan leadership for a crime that happened when Habyarimana’s own forces fully controlled Kanombe Airport and all surrounding areas for miles.

“Munyandinda is a failed individual who was presenting fraudulent ‘evidence’ and misleading the French judges for selfish reasons, including acquiring asylum,” sources that know the deserter well point out. “And now that the Paris court of appeal has closed the so-called probe recently, Munyandinda is coming back with his old tactics of accusing Rwanda with noshred of evidence.”

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