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An anti-Kigali smear by Kampala’s propaganda machine fails the smell test

By Alain Mucyo

An article by Softpower, a Ugandan websites, was this week published under the title; “Rwandan Army IDs were found in ADF camps” as part of a smear campaign against Rwanda, which was echoed by a number of other Kampala misinformation blogs.

For the record, Softpower is run by Sarah Kagingo, a former communications aide to President Yoweri Museveni.

The lie has been regurgitated by other blogs controlled by Ugandan intelligence, including CommandPost, Chimpreports, watchdoguganda.com, Eyalama and edge, among others. It is part of a coordinated effort by the Kampala regime to paint the picture that the Rwandan army is working with forces fighting Uganda.

You may ask why are they doing this? It is a way to create a false equivalence that while Uganda (with undisputed evidence) is supporting Rwandan terrorists led by Kayumba Nyamwasa, Rwanda is also doing the same, so to them it’s fair game.

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The bad news for the propaganda machine is, technology is not on their side and this blatant lie has been debunked. In trying to justify the story, Softpower published some alleged Rwandan “national IDs” and “RDF service cards”; the same that a few weeks back were published by FLN, another anti-Rwanda terror outfit directly supported by Kampala.

While FLN claimed the IDs were taken during an operation they purportedly launched in southern Rwanda and recovered them in a military camp, Softpower and the rest are bringing them back claiming they were seized in Congo, in an ADF camp.

In a story published on 18th Nov on Softpower, Kagingo and her team used the same “IDs” that were already used by FLN. They used them as purported evidence for their fabricated story, never mind that the FLN story had already been debunked, and they couldn’t provide evidence the “IDs” were authentic.

Furthermore, both the Ugandan blogs and the FNL propaganda machine (also controlled from Uganda) fail to show anybody they purport to have captured and only show the forged National IDs and the RDF service cards – all of which even to a lay person look fake. They have not published photos of any camp they allege the Rwandan forces were routed from.

Indeed, by publishing the ID and service cards from FLN, CMI in broad day light confirms what they have been denying for a long time: that they are coordinating activities of P5 militias which are sworn enemies of Rwanda.

On the other hand, for two years now, evidence has been piling pointing at Uganda’s sustained effort to undermine Rwanda’s security. Kampala’s acts of aggression include, but are not limited to sponsoring a mélange of terror groups under what is called “P5”, the main one being RNC led by fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa.

This was confirmed by the UN in a Group of Expert Report in December last year, which in clear terms stated Uganda’s role in recruiting and facilitating the P5 network that was created from a merger of RNC, FDLR, RUD and other outfits.

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In December 2017, some 46 members of the terror group were intercepted at the Uganda and Tanzania border on their way to DR Congo, through Burundi, pretending they were on a bible fellowship. Their story fell apart upon questioning by immigration authorities. In an incident that has since gained much notoriety the group – which consisted of Kinyarwanda-speaking recruits – was headed for RNC training camp in Minembwe, eastern Congo. They had been facilitated by CMI with fake papers.

Ugandan President Museveni himself confirmed this in a press conference he addressed with President Kagame in Entebbe in March 2018 in which the former admitted knowledge of the group. “President Kagame gave me some facts which I followed up,” said Museveni. “A group of Banyarwanda was being recruited through Tanzania and Burundi to go to Congo. They said they were going for church work, but the work wasn’t exactly religious.”

The Ugandan ruler admitted this because of the embarrassment of being caught red-handed, the recruits having been charged with terrorism by Uganda Police.

The support that Nyamwasa’s outfit enjoys in Uganda has further been unmasked by the recent unveiling of RNC’s “Uganda Province” executive team of 15 people who will run the activities of the terror group their.

Other evidence that has surfaced that includes testimonies by some of the terrorists that have been captured and extradited to Rwanda, with documentary evidence in different forms.

Rwanda has previously produced more evidence pinning Uganda, including Ugandan diplomatic passports that were given to RNC operatives like Charlotte Mukankusi to facilitate her travels across the world in her capacity as the terror group’s head of diplomacy.

Meanwhile, in a letter Museveni addressed to President Kagame in March this year – which was first published by Uganda’s state newspaper New Vision before the intended recipient got it – the Ugandan ruler himself confirmed meeting Mukankusi, but claiming he did it “accidentally”.

Meantime Softpower also makes other unproven claims such as, “a number of Rwandan agents linked to kidnappings of Rwandan refugees in Uganda have been arrested and deported to Rwanda”.

It produces no evidence, from any court, where these Rwandans who include toddlers and the elderly as old as 70 years were ever prosecuted and convicted for the alleged crimes.

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