Home Politics After numerous false alarms in the past, Victoire Ingabire cries wolf again

After numerous false alarms in the past, Victoire Ingabire cries wolf again

By Jean Gatera

Victoire Ingabire persists in her politics of divisionism.

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza who was convicted of criminal activities by courts of law, but got a Presidential clemency in September 2018 recently has announced that one Venant Abayisenga has “disappeared”. Ingabire in 2013 was sentenced to a fifteen-year prison after being convicted of inciting the masses to revolt against the Government, forming armed groups to destabilize the country, and minimizing the 94 Genocide Against the Tutsi.

Analysts are not surprised that Ingabire, who has a long history of deception and making false claims, is alleging that one of her followers has “disappeared”.

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The man that allegedly has disappeared, Venant Abayisenga, a member of Ingabire’s DALFA Umurinzi, a non-registered organization, was living with her. She admittedly is one of the last persons to know Abayisenga’s whereabouts. In a late evening tweet, 10 pm, recently Ingabire claimed Abayisenga went to buy airtime and never came back.

Rwanda is currently under a 9 pm curfew; a measure to limit movement and control the spread of Covid-19. One observer wondered: “Why did Ingabire only report Abayisenga supposedly was missing one hour after curfew deadline?”

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It is not the first time Ingabire has claimed someone is missing. In previous similar scenarios, she raised alarm that an “FDU Inkingi member has gone missing!” These people, however, were later found amongst the so-called P5 group – a consortium of illegal armed, or terrorist outfits that operated in eastern DRC.

One such “missing person” was Constantin Tuyishimire, a former TV1 correspondent, who supposedly went missing in July 2019. Ingabire, according to local reports, “was everywhere in international media crying havoc!” But a few days later news began to filter back that Tuyishimire had slipped into Uganda. He was later found in Burundi badly beaten up by Imbonerakure militias that had found him in Rukoko Forest and accused him of “spying for Rwanda!”

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Unknown to the Imbonerakure, this was a fellow that had just slipped from nearby DRC where P5 groups were getting thoroughly smoked out. Ingabire kept quiet when her lie was exposed. The pattern is clear: those about whom Victoire Ingabire raises alarms usually are found engaged in terrorist activities. With her previous convictions, and her pattern of “making slanderous accusations against the authorities one can be certain this Abayisenga will turn up in the forests of DRC, and also do not be surprised if he too get’s arrested to face the law on terrorism charges,” said an analyst.

“This seems to be standard practice in the P5 terrorist group”, continued the expert, pointing out the cases of individuals like Maj. (rtd) Habib Mudathir and Capt. (rtd) Charles Sibo that “had gone missing” and reported as “kidnapped by Rwanda”. The two, however, were later found in the Congo with illegal armed groups that are a major factor of instability in the region. Sibo died, and Mudathir was captured alive.

But none of the individuals that had been claiming, “Rwanda kidnapped them” went on record to admit they were wrong and had been misleading the public by their false accusations.

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