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A “virtual conference” of Europe-based negationists choke full of falsehoods

By Joan Karera

Rwanda has received plaudits worldwide for it’s successful handling of the Covid-19 menace, yet Diaspora based propagandists attempt to attack Kigali even on that

Something called “a virtual consultation framework meeting” by its organizers was held late last week, with the aim to hurl a lot of false accusations against Kigali, as sources that observed it said. The group, “Rwanda Bridge Builders” is a collection of genocide denialist groups, negativist, pro-terrorism organizations, and genocide revisionists all devoted to anti-Rwanda activities. They met by “virtual video conference” purportedly to review, the “pressing issues facing Rwanda”.

Among the 39 groups represented were various terrorist armed groups aimed at destabilizing the security of Rwanda, most notably like Jambo asbl, Rusesabagina’s MRCD, Ingabire’s FDU-Inkingi, and others.

Even though the meeting was called under the guise of “discussing together” what they allege are “pressing issues facing Rwanda”, informed sources say these claims were just a cover. “Terrorism was, and always is the real objective with them,” said our source.

Reports say in May 2020, Rwanda Bridge Builders held a meeting to carry out a fundraising which ended up in misunderstandings, causing most attendants not to follow the meeting at the last minute. Organizers this time had to conceal the real agenda of the meeting saying that they will be discussing the “pressing issues facing Rwanda”. But in reality it was a continuation of last time’s meeting, “fundraising for their anti-Rwanda activities since they are suffering economically due to the COVID19,” said our source.

In their resolutions Rwanda Bridge Builders claims “to have found that measures taken by Rwanda to deal with the Covid-19 do not address the serious problems of Rwandans’ but rather support the interests of the RPF-Inkotanyi.” This prompted ridicule as “the propaganda of individuals completely bereft of thinking. Worldwide Rwanda has been lauded for its efforts in combating Covid-19, what are these terrorists talking about?” laughed a reader. It is well-known that since the first case of coronavirus was identified in Rwanda, even before any foreign aid was provided, the government never ceased to urge anyone in the country, Rwandan or not, to reach out to authorities if they bore the symptoms to get tested and treated, all costs covered by the government.

In addition, the government provided daily food to the most vulnerable during lockdown and the city of Kigali had availed a toll-free number 3260 one could call to get food support in case of any food scarcity during the COVID-19 lockdown. “All these efforts by the government are what these anti-Rwanda negativists choose to ignore,” laughed our source.

They so-called virtual conference was said to have carried on in that vein, making all sorts of falsehoods in line with their usual, long discredited anti-Rwanda propaganda.

Security analysts say that other than disseminating their ideologies of hate, the main motive of such conferences is to deceive their backers in the West, with all kinds of untenable lies, with the goal of more funding.

“At some point, however, the lies will dry up,” said an expert on the workings of these Europe-based groups.

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