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A peaceful Congo is not good for Nyamwasa and backers, hence CMI/RNC smears against Tshisekedi and Rwanda – analysts

By Alex Muhumuza

In a bizarre tirade even by the standards of the bizarre “Commandpost” website – the mouthpiece of Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI as well as Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC – the troll site accuses the DR Congo and Rwandan leaderships of genocide.

“Kagame’s continued genocide against the Banyamulenge at the hands of DRC’s Political Military allies,” proclaims the headline on the website this week, Tuesday 1 October.

Commandpost extensively reports on a genocide that no one else knows about.

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The CMI/RNC propaganda tool weaves a tall tale that purports to link Mai Mai, “Red Tabara” and other alleged rebel groups, with Rwanda – claiming they are “slaughtering the Banyamulenge ethnicity; burning their villages, churches and other appalling human rights abuses”, for the past nine months!

The alleged aim of the ethnic cleansing, according to Commandpost’s deranged tirade, is “to drive the Banyamulenge population from their homeland so that they can make it their military base.”

The CMI-sponsored lie machine claims the DRC Government of President Tshisekedi is “merely looking the other way”, thereby implying that the administration is abetting genocide against its own citizens. Appointing itself the role of spokesman of the Banyamulenge, Commandpost claims, “they (Banyamulenge) are DRC’s most oppressed community”, and goes on to allege that genocide against them is now “in the implementation stage!”

There are dozens of other fictitious and unhinged allegations like that.

The reality on the ground is the complete opposite.

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In fact, for the first time ever since the genocidal Interahamwe and ex-FAR were defeated by the liberating RPA in Rwanda and escaped to DRC 25 years ago, the Banyamulenge Tutsi ethnicity is enjoying peace. The current administration of the DR Congo has been clear from day one: armed bandits on DRC territory that disturb the peace of any Congolese citizen, killing, looting or raping will not be tolerated.

This administration straight away signed into security pacts with neighbors to rid itself of the FDLR and RNC menace.

The days of the likes of Kayumba Nyamwasa, Mudacumura, Ugandan looters and other criminal groups were numbered in DRC. Since then RNC has suffered the worst clobbering in its history; getting almost completely annihilated mid this year; its top commanders killed and others captured. Mudacumura the top FDLR commander has been dispatched to the next world.

The Banyamulenge, and other innocent people that have for decades suffered the crimes of these cutthroat groups can dance. They are happy.

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This year, on 9 July leaders from Kinshasa Azarias Rubwerwa (a Munyamulenge) and Minister Vital Kamerhe were in Minembwe reveling in the good news with the locals, dancing to music and feasting. There is video of the event. In July this year, a time they supposedly were suffering genocide, according to Commandpost.

The routing of RNC and the pulverizing of FDLR signals the end of an evil road that begun after the Interahamwe and ex-FAR fled, then proceeded to form armed groups, ALIR and the likes, with the approval and help of Mobutu, and funding of their allies from a European country.

The genocidaires’ first target was the Banyamulenge. They were bent on ethnically cleansing that group, but of course with the long-term aim of going back to Rwanda to complete “unfinished business.” That calculation turned out very badly for them, and their friend Mobutu.

Rwanda had seen one genocide, and wasn’t waiting for another. In fact it wasn’t going to allow genocide, even against none-Banyarwanda – like the one the Interahamwe were committing against the Banyamulenge.

It is a matter of historical record that when the RPA attacked the camp that was the stronghold of the mass killers, the giant Mugunga, it set off a domino effect that saw the liberation of the Banyamulenge, scattered the Interahamwe, ex-FAR, putting paid to their plots of mass murder, and toppled Mobutu Sese Seko.

Long story short, the ex-FAR and Interahamwe would over time re-invent themselves into something called FDLR; a group that’s been one of the most destabilizing none-national actors in the region. When Kayumba Nyamwasa turned traitor and declared his war of terror against Rwanda he, in the finest tradition of the most unscrupulous opportunists, chose to join forces with FDLR!

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Coordinating their acts, backing, providing support – including but not limited to facilitating recruitment activities for them – is Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, and his security agencies, CMI foremost amongst them. For some proof one is advised to read the UN Group of Experts on DRC report of 31 December 2018.

The report exposes in meticulous detail the nexus of recruitment, funding, arming and training for rebel war against Rwanda, with Uganda a major influence at the heart of these activities.

“To see Museveni’s CMI, the very ally of genocidal forces and rebel groups bent on destabilizing neighbors, turning around to accuse the Rwandan or Congo leaderships of genocide is beyond irony,” said a Kigali journalist.

“Even more strange is that Museveni and CMI – the very people in bed with RNC and FDLR, the group that was massacring Banyamulenge since 1995 – having the audacity to accuse Rwanda of genocide against the very Banyamulenge it saved!”

Others have been wondering at the desperation of CMI at reporting a none-existent genocide, to try to tie Kigali and Kinshasa to it.

Museveni’s proxies are finished in DRC; therefore CMI’s rumormongering is like the last kicks of a dying horse, analysts say. “Really, they have no strategy in DRC any more, with an administration that’s firmly against any rebel nonsense. All they can do now is run around inventing ridiculous stories.

“A peaceful Congo is not a good one for Nyamwasa and his backers, hence the smears against even Tshisekedi!” added the analyst.


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