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Ugandan propagandist outlet descends into genocide denialism

By Alex Muhumuza

To read an article currently on the SoftPower website, one of the countless Kampala regime outlets for anti-Rwandan propaganda, is to realize there are no depths these people won’t sink into in their efforts to demonize or tarnish the Rwandan leadership.

In the piece published last Saturday, SoftPower cynically uses the sacking of minister Olivier Nduhungirehe as an opportunity to foist the “double genocide” theory upon its readers. For those less familiar with the term, the double genocide theory was born after senior officials and military officers of the defeated Habyarimana and Kambanda/Sindikubwabo regimes – the very perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi – found exile in various parts of the world.

From their exile, most especially in European countries they began their campaign to negate or trivialize the Genocide, along with attempts to distort and rewrite its history. One of their ruses was to disseminate fictitious accounts of supposed mass killings of Hutus, and alleging: “the RPF did it!” Those were the beginnings of the preposterous claims of “another genocide, against the Hutus”.

Such is a favorite ploy of all deniers of genocides, holocausts, and ethnic cleansings – to, in effect, turn victims into perpetrators. Perpetrators sheltered in Western cities would for instance whisper: “The RPF massacred Hutus in such and such a place,” when in fact talking of people they themselves had ordered their militias or troops to slaughter. They whispered very many things, each of which has been discredited.

Yet they’ve had, and still have a lot of sympathisers – journalists, writers, academics – many with the ability to amplify their message far and wide; the likes of Pierre Pean, Andre Guichoua, Marie Roger Biloa, Filip Reyntjens (who actually wrote much of Habyarimana’s constitution), Judi Rever, Ann Garrison and others in a veritable rogue’s gallery of revisionists.

Now Ugandan regime propagandists seem to have become part of them. This obviously is another act in the never-ending play of petulance by Uganda’s masters, “because they did not get to rule Rwanda by remote control from Kampala.”

SoftPower – run by a lady called Sarah Kagingo, but funded by Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) whose second in command Brig. CK Asiimwe also is in charge of the anti-Rwanda misinformation campaign – claims President Kagame sacked Nduhungirehe because “the latter opposed the narrative of RPF that ‘only Tutsis were killed’”.

Never mind that Nduhungirehe was relieved of his duties as minister of state for foreign affairs in charge of the East African Community for one reason: he failed to live up to the highest ethics expected of a Rwandan government official; his real problem being constant, even volatile social media exchanges that distracted him from his core duties.

Never mind that Nduhungirehe has never said what SoftPower claims he did.

Also never mind that it has never been the position of Kigali that Hutus did not lose their lives; or that in fact many heroic Hutu individuals that perished are equally remembered and commemorated. Softpower in it’s intent to distort, just like all revisionists, has zero interest in facts.

The facts are that the Genocide against the Tutsi is called that because it was conceived, planned and executed with one purpose: to exterminate only one ethnicity in Rwanda – the Tutsi.

In any case, one would point out, Sarah Kagingo is not the kind of person to write anything truthful about Rwanda. Her livelihood mainly depends on publishing anti-Rwanda fictions.

One observation about the SoftPower piece is how the website has changed its colors, like a chameleon, to begin shedding crocodile tears for Nduhungirehe. It oozes sympathy for him throughout, even going as far as concocting a scenario whereby Rwanda Investigation Bureau “will soon arrest Nduhungirehe”.

They claim this though nothing remotely like that has been mentioned in Kigali.

In the website’s all out effort to make the most out of the Nduhungirehe sacking, SoftPower seems to imagine readers will forget how they have been part and parcel of the mobs of Ugandan propaganda media raining curses down on the man. They hated him for the kind of truths he told about Kampala – though he did that as part of his duties, which whoever replaces him will also do. They targetted him for abuse when he exposed Ugandan State Minister for Regional Cooperation, Philemon Mateke for his role in the bloody terrorist attack in Kinigi District in October last year.

One now wonders where SoftPower has suddenly found love for Nduhungirehe?

There is no such love. They are only using his supposed “misfortune” to jump onto the bandwagon of “double genocide” theorists.

They also are exploiting it as an opportunity to try to work up sympathy for Victoire Ingabire, someone that a competent court found guilty of attempts to sow divisionism in Rwandan society, using the very negationist tactic that SoftPower now is espousing.

Kagingo – herself an ethnic Munyarwanda, her parents having migrated from Rwanda mid last century and settled in the Masaka area – is playing the denialist game like a pro, distorting the facts of Ingabire’s case to make it seem this “only was an innocent politician that went to jail for her opinions.” Omitted is any kind of context to show how dangerous such an “opinion” is in a country trying to re-unite.

The long piece dredges up a mish mash of other charges in the best tradition of such propaganda.

Informed observers will see that it can only fool the very uninformed.

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