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Kampala mouthpiece’s latest attempt to drag Rwanda into Uganda’s problems badly fails

By Rutore Samugabo Kampala’s unrelenting efforts to drag Rwanda into problems of its own doing – while tarnishing Kigali with all sorts of concocted smears of “Rwandan spying”, or “Rwandan plans for war against Uganda” – are behind a lead story on the Chimpreports website. Titled, “Inside story: ‘Rwanda penetration’, power struggles trigger storm at MTN”, the lengthy article however

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More deported Rwandans recount horror tales of mistreatment, torture in Uganda

By Alex Muhumuza Brutal and unlawful deportations of Rwandan citizens by Ugandan authorities are showing no signs of slowing down, going by developments at the borders, Virunga Post can exclusively report. In the past two days alone another 20 Rwandans citizens – among them a little baby of only a few months with her mother – have been dumped intermittently

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List of Rwandans illegally detained in Uganda

Just like the others who were victims of harassment in Uganda, these innocent people have been subjected to all sorts of torture while detained incommunicado in CMI illegal detention centres. The Ugandan authorities have never tried them for any crimes nor have they made a statement to the authorities. They have denied them consular access as is standard diplomatic procedure

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A horror tale of the inhumanity meted on Rwandan nationals by Ugandan operatives

By Alex Muhumuza Within the past one week Ugandan security agencies, Police and Immigration, have victimized a total of 42 Rwandans – six of them children – that happened to be travelling to Uganda, and others that already had been in the country – incarcerated in different illegal detention centres. The Ugandan authorities apprehended some twelve Rwandan passengers that were

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