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Rudasingwa responds to Museveni’s letter to Nkurunziza (but in what capacity)?

By Alex Muhumuza The first thing one will ask himself upon reading the recent “letter to President Yoweri Museveni” that Theogene Rudasingwa has published online is this: in what capacity is this man writing? Is Theogene Rudasingwa writing as a representative of FDLR, the remnants of the forces that committed the Genocide against the Tutsi (which genocide of course would

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Fishing trespassers from Burundi handed back to their country

By Mark Martin Karuhanga A story circulating around is alleging that Burundi is accusing Rwanda of abducting its fishermen. The Burundian government, according to this story, has accused the Rwandan marine force of kidnapping four of its fishermen on Lake Rweru. What happened, according to sources within the Rwanda Police, is that there were indeed Burundian fishermen apprehended on the

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Could Museveni’s “hidden” Rwandan identity be the cause of his hostility towards Rwanda?

From the first day of the almost 33 years he has (mis)ruled Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni has been heavily dogged by the question of whether he is a “true Ugandan”, or whether, in reality, he is a Rwandan. This persistent question has followed the current leader of Uganda for most of his life. For instance, in Uganda’s 1980 national elections,

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