Monthly Archives: October 2018

Speculation rife after Museveni sends package to Kagame

The tensions between Uganda and Rwanda seemed to ease this past week as high-ranking officials of both governments were hosted in Kigali by President Paul Kagame. On Thursday, Ugandan Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa led a delegation to Rwanda bearing a mystery package sent by President Yoweri Museveni to his Rwandan counterpart. Mr Kutesa personally delivered the white package whose contents

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Uganda security tortures and deports another Rwandan

Uganda’s security organs have for months been harassing Rwandans in Uganda, torturing and deporting them. This morning a Rwandan businessman who was deported from Uganda held a press conference in Kigali and shared his ordeal with members of the media. Patrick Niyigena, a Rwandan businessman was picked up at a petrol station near Owino market in downtown Kampala on Monday

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Uganda Police press release on deportations is a cover-up for CMI abuse

By Jackson Mutabazi. A press release by Uganda Police says that two foreign nationals, Olivier Prentout a citizen of France and Annie Tabura a Rwandan, have been deported from Kampala “over their engagements in ‘acts that compromise national security’”. The press release says Prentout and Tabura were “working with a leading mobile telecom company”, and that they were using their

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