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Using a dead man’s alleged letter, Ugandan outlets smear Ambassador Karega

By Jean Gatera

The propaganda machine of Ugandan intelligence, run by CMI director Abel Kandiho (pictured) is smearing Rwanda’s Ambassador to Kinshasa using completely discredited allegations. Yet it is Uganda that actually has been implicated by international organizations in crimes of looting and human rights atrocities all over eastern DRC

Chimpreports, a website that has long become notorious as an outlet for Uganda Military Intelligence (CMI) propaganda, has come out with yet another anti-Rwanda piece – this one targeting the good bilateral relations between Rwanda and DR Congo.

The article, run under a headline with the website’s usual hyperbolic, sensationalism claims: “Former DRC Congo Intel chief warned of Rwanda’s Amb. Karega before he was found dead.” The game this website is playing at is obvious: amplify the propaganda of certain elements in DRC, and assist in their smears of Kigali. But it doesn’t take any amount of brains to see that this is fake news.

Chimpreports makes its claims based on a letter attributed to the deceased Gen. Delphin Kahimbi, former head of Congolese Military Intelligence, saying that “he opposed the accreditation of Vincent Karega as Rwandan ambassador to Kinshasa.” But this in itself is a dubious letter. In what capacity would someone in military intelligence “object” to the accreditation of a diplomat?, observers ask. There is none.

Chimpreports and its bosses obviously rely on its readers being uninformed to hoodwink them with such misinformation. 

To weaponize the alleged letter, Chimpreports falsely claims “it was confidentially addressed to the DR Congo President.” According to a copy of the letter, it was addressed to a special adviser but not to the president. Chimpreports deliberately misleads. Also the letters has no markings or stamps that it is “confidential”.

The “letter” is copied to six other people, prompting a regional analyst to note: “there are so many false things about this so-called letter. How does someone copy other parties in private correspondences to a head of state?” Kahimbi was a man with his own problems. He was scheduled to face the courts of law when he is reported to have committed suicide on 20th February this year. His own government was preparing charges against him of trying to destabilize state security.

Also by then Kahimbi was under international sanctions by the US and EU for human rights violation and undermining peace and security in DR Congo and in the region. Only Chimpreports can dredge up a letter written by a man that was facing such problems, falsify particulars such as who it was addressed to, and weaponize it against Rwanda.

In its desperation to make its fake story stick, Chimpreports then alleges that Ambassador Karega was “given 72 hours to leave South Africa in 2014, following a tense diplomatic standoff between Kigali and Pretoria.” This is a falsehood that also was contained in Kahimbi’s so-called letter, to imply that the ambassador was involved in the demise of Patrick Karegeya in a Johannesburg hotel.

To see Ugandan propaganda trying to amplify the smears against Amb. Karega on the basis of such provably false claims is further proof that to the Ugandan regime, the good relations between Kigali and Kinshasa are a threat. And everything must be done to try to undermine them. Pretoria never “expelled” Karega. Ambassador Karega was in South Africa from 2011 to 2019, and deployed to DR Congo after a successful mission in Pretoria.

He bid his farewell to South African authorities and presented his credentials to Kinshasa.

Undeterred by any ethical constraints, however, Chimpreports fails to mention that after thorough investigations by South African authorities, nothing linked Karegeya’s demise to Rwanda.

But in its eagerness to tarnish Rwanda, the CMI-sponsored website in its article also targets the government of Congo. It uses the pronouncements of Martin Fayulu, a defeated presidential candidate in DRC, who is also on the bandwagon of “pushing the government” to withdraw recognition of Karega and expel the diplomat.

That Kampala misinformation media keeps parroting these things is constant reminder of one fact: the rapprochement between Kigali and Kinshasa that has yielded cooperation has seriously hurt Uganda’s interests in DRC which are served by criminal, illegal terrorist groups propped up by Kampala. Groups like RNC, FDLR, RUD and others, all proxies of the Museveni regime have been hit and dislodged from their bases in eastern Congo where they were long-entrenched.

All operated in Congo but with Kampala as a logistical base. The UN interviewed FDLR terrorist arrested and facing trial in Rwanda, they revealed that they held meetings with RNC terrorist in Kampala with the facilitation of Philemon Mateke, the Uganda’s Minister of State for cooperation.

With Kampala increasingly desperate that its anti-Rwanda proxies will be completely driven out, and also that the illegal businesses senior Kampala regime officials enormously profit from could end they are looking for any stone to throw at Rwanda. “As if Rwanda controls what happens in Congo,” laughed a Kigali official that preferred anonymity.

In the same article Chimpreports dredges up the completely discredited, decade-old “mapping report” which was shelved after it was exposed to have targeted the Rwandan government with allegations collected from genocidaires, perpetrators of the 94 Genocide Against the Tutsi. It was a document commissioned by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) supposedly on crimes that occurred on Congolese territory between 1993 to 2013 that ended up pushing the genocidaires’ claims that “RPF army committed genocide.”

This so-called mapping report was shelved in its draft form, and never saw the light of day, except in genocide revisionist circles.

Apparently Ugandan propaganda is very glad to join those circles.

Laughably, Chimpreports cannot conclude without the usual projections upon Rwanda of crimes committed by its very bosses.

The website claims “about 500 people were massacred at Kasika during New Year’s Eve in 1998 in South Kivu by militia and rebel groups affiliated to Rwanda.” Ugandan misinformation, in tandem with a slew of other anti-Rwanda groups are always trying to indict Rwanda in the court of public opinion. They have nothing to back their claims.

On the other hand, perhaps Chimp and others think that people forget it actually is “Uganda that has been convicted of atrocities and looting in DRC, and fined over $10 Billion for the crimes of UPDF. The International Court of Justice did so.  

Ugandan crimes are not mere hearsay or mere allegations. 

They are proven, and that will not change, however hard Chimpreports projects.

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