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Rusesabagina’s allies throw a smokescreen in ploy to conceal crimes as their man faces the music

By Moses Gisa

MRCD henchmen Francois Mutuyemungu (Left) and BEM Habyarimana in full gear to sanitize Rusesabagina as he faces trial soon

Known members of groups behind crimes of terrorism in Rwanda, the MRCD-Ubumwe of Paul Rusesabagina, have fabricated propaganda accusing the Rwandan Government of “carrying terror activities to Canada.” They allege this is “happening” in the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Edmonton. Their move, however, is seen by many as a smokescreen to conceal MRCD’s own crimes of terrorism against Rwandans, “especially now that Rusesabagina is going to face the law,” observers point out.

Speaking on the anti-Rwanda platform Radio-Ubumwe, hosted by a renowned Genocide denier Esperance Mukashema, MRCD Henchmen Francois Mutuyemungu, and “BEM” Emmanuel Habyarimana claimed that “the Rwandan government is establishing intelligence cells and deploying operatives to hunt down Rwandan refugees in Canada.” They single out Antoinette Umuraza with her husband whom they identify as Afande Kawunga, Marie Michelle Umuhoza and others. “These are the people that have been sent to disturb our peace,” claimed Mutuyemungu.

These are the words of desperate people that will say anything now that their boss Rusesabagina is in lawful custody, a commentator remarked. “They will say anything, and smear anyone, but they are the real criminals!”

Mutuyemungu for instance is a member of terrorist Callixte Nsabimana’s armchair terror group Rwandese Revolution Movement (RRM).

“These are international terrorists responsible for armed attacks on innocent civilians in Rwanda; they connived with their leader Rusesabagina who is awaiting prosecution. The arrest of the big fish in the anti-Rwanda terrorists’ camp is a thorn in the flesh for the hostile groups. They will concoct anything to taint the image of Rwanda on the global scene,” reacted a political observer on Twitter.

According to sources, Umuraza, one of the people being smeared, is a retired police officer who relocated to Canada with her family. She’s living a private life, not involved in politics or any other matter related to public service. As for Umuhoza the former spokesperson of Rwanda Investigation Bureau, she is currently in Canada for medical reasons as indicated by her institution. Not long ago the same anti-Rwanda groups were falsely claimed she had “fled the country”. 

“These people are accomplices in Rusesabagina’s case; soon they will have their day in court. Rusesabagina committed crimes against Rwandans by founding and funding a terrorist militia group, FLN that killed innocent civilians, injured many, looted, and burnt their properties,” a Facebook user commented, reacting to the talk show.

In the same talk show on “Radio-Ubumwe”, “BEM” Habyarimana, a self-exiled former defense minister claimed Rusesabagina “has equal rights to possess guns and ammunition just like the Rwandan government.” Habyarimana’s utterances were seen by many as fresh incitement to violence by Rusesabagina’s people.

Relatedly, a fortnight ago Rusesabagina’s right-hand man Vincent Biruka who serves as Secretary-General of CNRD- called on Rwandans to revolt against their elected leadership. “There are running out of steam and the world is narrowing down on them. They have now resorted to incitements after failing on the so-called armed struggle to liberate Rwanda; their survival out there is short-lived.” a social media user reacted denouncing Biruka

Rusesabagina, Nsabimana, BEM Habyarima, and Biruka have been perpetrating crimes targeting the Rwandan people. Through their terrorist militia, National Force of Liberation (FLN), they orchestrated armed attacks on the Rwandan soil. They include attacks of June, December 2018 in the Rwandan Southern and Western Province which claimed 6 innocent civilians and injured several others, setting ablaze commuter buses, looting citizens’ belongings and holding them hostage before the people were rescued by RDF troops.

Their former ally and FLN spokesperson Nsabimana spilled the beans on Rusesabagina and his MRCD-FLN allies’ role in destabilizing Rwanda and their plot to overthrow the government. Nsabimana pleaded guilty on 16 counts including terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery, arson, murder, Genocide denial, forgery and causing bodily harm among others.

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