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Profile: Zaneza cavorts with Jambo asbl, but justice casts a shadow on her father Sebatware

By Mary Cyusa

Denise Zaneza’s background as the daughter of a major genocide suspect, Marcel Sebatware, has shaped her hateful views of the Rwanda of now

When it comes to advancing the ideology of genocide that formed the family environment in which she grew up, Denise Zaneza of the Belgium-based Jambo asbl is second to none. This daughter of Marcel Sebatware, one of a major fugitives from justice, sentenced in absentia by the Gacaca courts, stands out in Jambo ASBL, a genocide negationist platform whose members are offspring of perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi fugitives and suspects.

Jambo ASBL aims to whitewash the crimes of the parents or relatives of its members while engaging in acts to advance denialism, or negationism of the genocide. They actively promote “the double genocide theory” – a long debunked attempt at creating false equivalences that “RPF too committed genocide.” Denise is one of those individuals that must have seen the crimes their parents committed.

Those of a certain age know how feared her father was. The name Marcel Sebatware has always been known in Rwanda as an influential genocide ideologue and member of the extremist Coalition for the Defense of the Republic (CDR), a group that was feared as few others CDR.

“Imagine being born and raised in such a household, eventually something wrong must happen to you!” a source familiar with Zaneza’s background told us. “This person no doubt is a trained hater,” the source told us.

In the years preceding the genocide, and during it, her father was the general manager of the Cimerwa cement plant located in the former Bugarama Commune, currently Rusizi District. Tutsis that sought refuge at the factory were killed at Sebatware’s command. Some of his former employees say more than 70 employees of the company were killed in this way.

In 1996, a former employee of CIMERWA told the New York Times, Sebatware invited 27 senior managers of the company in July 1994, and told them to loot everything they could and destroy what they couldn’t take. This was so that the next government would not have anything to begin with.

Afterwards Sebatware fled the country with his family to the former Zaire, and later to Belgium.

Young Denise saw everything. But through some bizarre logic she and her fellows in Jambo asbl devote their time to blaming the genocide on the very people that stopped it – knowing first hand what their perpetrator parents did.  

Zaneza is also known to be an “advocate” for something they have dubbed “the Hutu genocide” campaign. She does this in yet another Genocide negationist group, this one called “Global Campaign for Rwandan’s Human Rights” that she heads. She is very zealous, Diaspora sources testify.

Sebatware’s daughter has initiated this campaign whereby they accuse the Rwandese Patriotic Army, RPA, of “having killed Hutus in Rwanda and DR Congo,” as part of her contribution in advancing the hoax double genocide theory.

“This woman has never called out her father who is responsible for the deaths of so many people but instead plays victim even as she slanders the liberators of Rwandans!” a social media commentator said.

One will constantly hear her on some fringe YouTube radio channels claiming that life is ‘hell’ in Rwanda, a country she’s been away from for a quarter century. The psychology behind such utterances is known as “projection”. The genocidaires made Rwanda hell, and this daughter of theirs must assert it is “hell”, perhaps to disguise even to herself that reality is the complete opposite.

“Rwandans are being killed for years now by the reigning clique, RPF, in broad daylight, and no one talks about it,” she has said on her YouTube channel. “Perhaps the Rwanda she is imagining is the one of Habyarimana and her parent, who knows?” a commentator wondered.

In another act of grotesque deception characteristic of Europe-based anti-Rwanda groups, Zaneza long ago claimed the mantle of “human rights advocate”.

One can just imagine what a victim of genocide, or of illegal Rwandan armed groups that have been perpetrating terror from DRC, feels to hear someone like Zaneza – a person that is an ardent supporter of groups like FDLR or RUD, as are all her Jambo asbl colleagues – call herself a human rights advocate.

But that’s the world we live in, victims of these people’s parents, i.e. genocide survivors, tend to comment. “These people go to Europe, get receptive ears for their tales, get support, and do whatever they want,” one said bitterly.

In the future, however, trends show, people like Zaneza may find themselves contemplating another kind of situation when their parents are finally made to answer for their crimes.

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