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Profile: Christine Coleman, a false prophet that joined the revisionist bandwagon from the US

By Mary Cyusa

Christine Uwizera Coleman, a US-based false prophet and genocide revisionist that specializes in anti-Rwanda smears

Christine Uwizera Coleman has been a hot topic for years now, not because of her prayers or sermons, but because of her false “prophecy” on the Government of Rwanda, and President Kagame in particular.

Our sources say she has rebranded into a pastor and prophet to make a living by lying to people about visions of the future. However, everyone has learnt that she is either making money or pushing a political agenda.

In an interview about Rusesabagina’s arrest on SABC, Coleman accused Rwanda of having “abducted” the man, but then put a false prophesy spin on her particular take. Coleman claims that the terrorism suspect (who in actual fact was lawfully arrested) “was abducted because it was prophesied in 2014 by a mighty man of God that Paul Rusesabagina was going to be the next president, following Kagame.”

Sane people that heard her were astonished that a media house like SABC would offer a platform for such rantings. Figures like these ones are normally confined to the fringes of the Internet where no sane people listen to them. Those that are familiar with the preachings of this woman in the US are certain she is just one of multitudes of false prophets that make a living deceiving their flock.  

Coleman who lives in Colorado was born in Gakenke District to Dominique Dirimasi, a former head of education in then Kibungo Prefecture and Marie Akimanizanye – both parents who died when she was still very young, due to natural causes, according to sources familiar with her background. This is the kind of traumatic background that sometimes shapes very “funny beliefs”, as psychology may indicate.

Christine went to the US in 1997, formed, and become pastor of the Blazing Holy Fire Church based in Denver, Colorado. She has been described as someone “making money under the pretext of prayers”, and as “an activist anointed by the Lord to pray and minister to heads of state and world influencers.” This is an attribute she has given herself.

In her new book “SOS-Rwanda’s 30-Year Apocalypse” she says she was 18 years old in 1990. During the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, she was obviously old enough to observe what was happening, and goes about claiming she is a genocide survivor. But that has been shown to be a façade of deception. Her brother Jean Dirimasi is a genocide fugitive residing in Uganda. That is one proven fact.

She keeps telling the world she is a survivor of “Rwanda and DR Congo genocides”, yet her family member was perpetrating genocide. “For Christine Uwizera to claim she is a genocide survivor is a pure con,” laughed a Diaspora source.

Christine claims that “before President Kagame came to Rwanda, the country never had a problem with refugees or displaced persons.”

But this is such an obvious lie one wonders what must be going through the mind of this woman. “Maybe hate just distorts the mind,” a social media user that heard her remark said. 

Perhaps in addition to being a revisionist of the 94 Genocide against Tutsi, Coleman now wants to distort the history that shows how Parmehutu ideology began in 1959 and caused hundreds of thousands of Tutsis to flee, starting that year up to the 90s. “In fact it was the RPF, led by Kagame, that put an end to genocide, and put an end to the refugee problem. But trust these genocide apologists to keep spinning lies about RPF all the time,” our source said.

Christine has published a book that distorts Rwandan history in this, and many other ways.

“If Coleman thinks Rwanda was safe before 1990, she should explain why so many refugees were scattered all over the world, and why Habyarimana didn’t want to do anything about the problem,” said a reader.

Another favorite falsehood that the pseudo-prophet likes to tell is that “Rwanda has torture chambers” and that “Rwanda has been killing everyone, even Genocide survivors!”

Such hateful propaganda can deceive only the most uninformed. Rwanda is today acknowledged as a country of the rule of law with a state that does things by the book, and where extra-judicial acts have no place.

When one looks at the facts, a false prophet like Coleman will never manage to explain why Rwanda has afforded LaForge Fils Bazeye, Theophile Abega, Deo Mushayidi, Callixte “Sankara”, Herman Nsengimana, Victoire Ingabire, Maj (Rtd.) Habib Mudathir, and now Rusesabagina a fair trial, yet she is busy attempting to paint a picture of Rwanda as “a killer” state.

All the 19 accomplices of Rusesabagina in FLN, people that were captured even after they killed innocent Rwandans, are in safe detention, receiving a fair trial. Just like the several dozen RNC accomplices of Habib Mudathir. She has no answer, only allegations that never stand scrutiny.

Under Christine Coleman’s self-given title ‘reverend’ she has manipulated her audience, spreading her anti-Rwanda propaganda. She has repeatedly insulted President Kagame on her YouTube channels.

“Everyone who wants to tarnish Rwanda’s image knows Coleman is the woman for the job, little does she know that we know this is another game of genocidaires,” our Diaspora source said.

She is wasting her time, just like the Rusesabaginas that she defends.

The truth will smoke her out, laughed a source knowledgeable with her activities in the US.

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