Home Politics Murder and purges within terrorist group; FDLR’s “Gen” Hatanguramye killed

Murder and purges within terrorist group; FDLR’s “Gen” Hatanguramye killed

By Moses Gisa

Internal wrangles between FDLR president “Lt. Gen.” Iyamuremye Gaston alias Rumuri (Right) and his Chief of Staff Gen. Ntawunguka aka Omega are the symptoms of a terminally ill FDLR.

News coming in from the hideout of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, FDLR, in the jungles of the Rutshuru Territory of Northern Kivu in DRC indicates that one “Brig. Gen.” Vedaste Hatanguramye aka Kalebu was killed last week on the orders of “Gen.” Pacifique Ntawunguka alias Omega, the terror outfit’s chief of staff.

According to reliable sources within the FDLR camp, the murder of Kalebu, who was the terror outfit’s head of “military court”, was the result of power struggles characterized by betrayal and accusations that have engulfed the top leadership of FDLR – the offshoot of the ex-FAR and Interahamwe. The same sources indicate that FDLR president “Lt. Gen.” Iyamuremye Gaston alias Rumuri convened a secret meeting behind Ntawunguka’s back, with the main agenda being to dismiss the latter as chief of staff.

“Our President Gen. Byiringiro chaired the senior cadres’ meeting and among the issues discussed was the imminent sacking of Gen. Ntawunguka as FDLR-FOCA’s head,” an inside source told Rwanda Tribune, a local online news outlet. According to the source, the plot was to replace Ntawunguka “Omega” with the little known “Maj. Gen.” Kolomboka who was set to be deputized by Hatanguramye before the latter was killed.

The source further disclosed that one of Gen. Ntawunguka’s confidantes known as Henganze leaked the meeting’s resolutions to Omega whose reaction was to swiftly issue a shoot to kill order to “Maj.” Kalenga, head of the FDRL’s assassin squad, CRAP, who then eliminated Hatunguramye “Kalebu”.

“Col.” Blaise Murwanashyaka who was also on Ntawunguka’s kill list survived the assassination and fled to Bunagana, at the border with Uganda.

According to reliable sources, the deceased “Gen.” Kalebu was the cousin of “Gen.” Omega on whose orders he died. 

There have been fierce power struggles within the cutthroat organization following the death of FDLR-FOCA’s former leader Gen. Sylvestre Mudacumura. His death ignited supremacy battles, betrayals, as well as accusations and counteraccusations within the terrorist outfit.

“This is unbelievable, we never saw this coming. If Ntawunguka can kill his own brother then none is safe in FDLR,” a family member of Kalebu was quoted saying.

According to watchers of eastern DRC-based illegal armed groups, the recent turn of events within FDLR signal the impending implosion of the genocidal group. The endless infighting, coup schemes, and mutual suspicion among its leaders, are symptomatic of a badly weakened outfit that’s also very demoralized following heavy defeats on the battlefield that almost annihilated the terror group. “FDLR is done and it’s only a matter of time before it completely disintegrates,” said a social media commentator.    

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