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Edgar Tabaro, counsel for RNC terror group recycles old smears to tarnish Rwanda

By Jean Gatera

Lawyer for RNC. Edgar Tabaro has been peddling imaginary Rwandan assassination attempts on his life

A Kampala-based lawyer for Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, Edgar Tabaro Muvunyi, has claimed that his life is in danger “due to threats from Rwanda.” These allegations have been carried on a website called exposeduganda.com whereby Tabaro plays the RNC’s usual games of accusing Rwanda, out of the blue, of anything, but with nothing to support the accusations.

It is part on their continuous campaign to smear Rwanda with falsehoods to fuel anti-Rwanda sentiments.

Tabaro’s claims were first run on a Facebook account called “RPF Gakwerere”, notorious for churning out anti-Rwanda smears. “I’ve survived three attempts on my life,” Tabaro claims. The website claims that this is because “he has offered legal services to some Rwandan dissidents.”

On the other hand, these kinds of claims have become very useful as a tactic by anyone in anti-Rwanda negativist circles in Kampala as a device to remind Museveni they still are around. Fake claims that one is targeted for assassination also are known to be useful ways to draw Museveni’s attention, and to attempt to remain relevant.

“All these elements, the Tabaros, Nuwamanyas, Bonabaanas, and all others that work with RNC feed off Museveni and his regime’s anti-Rwanda hostility, and to them it is part of life to keep feeding Museveni with these fictions about Rwanda,” said a Kigali security analyst.   

To spice up the hoax Tabaro story, the website writes: “If I live long, I will write the story and the details.”

But then, when assassination attempts happen the public gets to know. The media makes sure to give the story prominence.

A man like Bobi Wine almost had his life taken in an assassination attempt. His driver Yassin Kawuma instead died; killed by bullets meant for the youthful MP. Everyone got to know there had been an assassination attempt on Wine.

Prominent regime critic Joseph Kabuleta almost lost his life when SFC goons roughed him up. The public widely got to know of that attempt on the man’s life (who was later tortured). But Tabaro wants to tell the public there were “three assassination attempts” against a well-known personality like him in Kampala, but only him got to know about it?

The fact is if someone even threw a stone at Tabaro and ran away, it would make news.

These people and their propaganda websites must have a very low opinion of the Ugandan public to try to feed it stories like thes.

The claim that Tabaro and officials of the RNC Uganda Province executive committee like Sulah Nuwamanya and Prossy Bonabaana, Rukundo Rugari are on a hit list is not new.

Tabaro’s latest story is a piece of circular propaganda by him and RPF Gakwerere to attract attention and, and to keep enjoying Ugandan-taxpayer paid security details. 

The RNC agents have gotten addicted to these security details provided by Museveni, but more than anything else use them to intimidate, and even extort money from members of the public. RNC’s Sulah Nuwamanya and Prossy Bonabaana have been caught in criminal acts during which the woman openly intimidated one of their victims: “look at this policeman; the President of Uganda gave me this policeman!”

The two, Nuwamanya and Bonabaana, live in a CMI house in Mutungo (Kampala) and have escort cars.

Tabaro enjoys even more privileges. Exposeduganda.com reveals that he is “one of the most well protected civilians in Kampala” – putting to rest the lie to his claims of assassination attempts on his life. 

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